I have added this page to my site primarily because my children were misdiagnosed (for two months - with each call to the advice nurse resulting in the comment “your child does not have a fever, I am sure they are okay.  Call us back if they develop a fever.”) and I have heard so many others with a similar story. 

    I will write more here soon, but I want to encourage parents to get a blood test for their child if they have any reason to suspect
lead poisoning (as well as with each routine check up where they are already getting a blood test or a vaccine.)

Time makes a big difference and early diagnosis can make it so a child lessens their exposure risk (because hazards are then identified and cleaned up sooner.)  Early diagnosis with one child will also prevent future exposure of other children from the same source.

The only way to know for sure if your child, your home or your soil is contaminated is to test.

Tamara Rubin


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