Television coverage of the Rubin Family story


Out of our commitment to generate awareness about childhood lead poisoning especially the permanence and prevalence of childhood lead poisoning today, across demographic and socio-economic boundaries, we have shared our story at every opportunity.

April 2008 CBS News Oregon
April 2008 CBS News New Orleans
July 15, 2008 NBC Today Show

As a result, the Rubin family story has reached millions of television viewers through two television news stories as well as a piece on the Today Show. Links to these video-clips are to the left.

The Rubin family lead poisoning story was also filmed for the documentary made of the Vtothe10th event in New Orleans in April 2008.  Tamara told the story in a Red Tent event at the Super Dome.  When this documentary is released we will post a link to that information here.

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