Hello. My name is Tamara Rubin. My children have lead poisoning and yours may too.

Pediatricians don't routinely test all children for this increasingly common and preventable disease. They preselect based on outmoded stereotypes and forty-year-old demographics [poor children in sub-standard inner city housing] that don't match today's at-risk population for lead poisoning [a demographic which has been expanded to include children of middle and upper income homeowners renovating "classic" (older construction) houses.] With the ubiquity and levels of microscopic lead dust present in and around today's older buildings (our homes, schools, libraries, stores, etc. an incalculable number of sources), it is prudent that all children—including yours be tested. I have been a lead poisoning prevention and awareness advocate since my children were poisoned by the work of a contractor three years ago. I am working on a comprehensive site that will be a resource for parents, teachers, pediatricians, contractors and others impacted by this problem in their work and daily life. Please follow the links on the menu bar above and check back periodically for updates and new information.

    I have also applied for the Google Project10tothe100 prize to help with advocacy efforts. If we win this prize I hope some of the prize money could be used to start a foundation that will fund and support the work of parent advocates. My Foundation page has a short overview and will have more information about this project soon. Please vote for this project if we get selected in the first round (see the Google site at some vague point in the future! (They were supposed to make the announcement on March 17, 2009 - but since they have received over 150,000 submissions, they are not quite ready to announce the top 100 ideas.) Go to the site below to learn more about the contest and to register to be reminded to vote when the time comes:

My boys... Cole, A.J., Avi & Charlie Rubin.

A.J. and Avi were poisoned by the work of a painting contractor 3 years ago.

Cole was poisoned by lead dust at a private school.

My children have lead poisoning. Do yours? - America’s dirty little secret. is the title of my book in progress.

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