September 18, 2009
Jewish Community Hero Nomination

Re: Lead Poisoning/ Jewish Community Hero Awards

Hello friends! I've been nominated as a Jewish Community Hero for my Lead Poisoning Prevention and Awareness volunteer work.  This is a contest being run by the United Jewish Communities/ Jewish Federations of North America and the grand prize is $25,000 to support the advocacy work of the “hero”  - $25,000 to be used on advocacy projects or designated to non-profits by the winner.

Please take just a minute to click on the link below and vote for me, then and copy and paste this text into an e-mail and send it to your friends to vote. Each person can vote every day once a day from now to October 8th. It just takes a couple of mouse clicks!  You can vote 20 times if you start voting today!

I just need to get 10,000 or 15,000 votes (what!) and I may make it to the top 20 and be considered for a $25,000 grant to be designated towards childhood lead poisoning prevention and awareness efforts and projects! 

In any case, even if I don't win just the fact that I have been nominated will help bring attention to the cause.


I  have many updates to this site that I will be posting after the High Holidays - so stay tuned!

Thank You and Happy New Year



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