My advocacy work to date has focused on sharing our story with as many people as possible to get the word out so what happened to our children does not happen to other children.

There is a peculiar "generational amnesia" around the area of lead poisoning and I am trying to counter that through the telling of our story.

To this end our story has been featured in more than 100 magazine and newspaper stories nationwide, two CBS news stories and the July 15, 2008 segment on the Today Show. I working on posting links to each of these pieces on this site.

I have presented at several conferences and other speaking engagements with industry specific audiences, through which I have awakened/educated pediatricians, advocates, parent groups and others about lead poisoning by sharing our story. I am available to speak for your group or be interviewed for your article or paper if you like. Feel free to contact me:

I am working on two books: the first–a book of photographs, and the other–a complete account of our story along with resources and tips for homeowners, parents, pediatricians and contractors who want to help address this national health crisis responsibly—or who want to play a direct role in preventing lead poisoning, which effects more and more children each day in this country. I am looking for a publisher for each of these books and am open to leads/ suggestions to that end if you know of a good resource. Thank you.

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