lbr/ter 3/10/09

Which one of these toys is poisonous?

One of the toys below tested 5000 ppm (five thousand parts per million!) lead, the other tested “0 ppm” - not even a trace of lead.  Can you guess which one is which?  The new CSPCIA guideline mandates that toys need to be under 600 ppm lead to be considered safe for children. Other agencies recommend children’s items should not test higher than 40 ppm lead.

At the end of February I was loaned a Niton XL3T XRF analyzer from ThermoScientific to test toys and household items for lead.  I tested and photographed over 300 items and will post the results here by March 17th.  Please check back on March 17th* to see the (shocking!) results.  Thank you

* Not quite done with this (as of 3/26)  - too many sick kids to manage this week - I’ll have this posted very soon! Thanks for checking in.

Click on the photo to your right to see if guessed correctly!

Click here to see more items that I tested...

Click here if you want more information about how the testing was done