Shortly after my children were poisoned and I became aware of the concerns of lead, I got the shock of my lifetime, in realizing that there was lead EVERYWHERE - even in some of the food we eat.

This came one day when I was cruising the aisles at the Wild Oats / Natures grocery store in my neighborhood (a natural foods store that prides itself on not stocking anything bad for you..... nothing with hydrogenated oils, nothing with artificial colors, etc., etc.)

There was a sign next to where the Dagoba Organic Chocolate bars usually were on the shelf.  It said “Temporarily out of stock because Dagoba Organic Chocolate was recalled as it was found to contain unsafe levels of lead.”

I did a double take.

WHAT!  What did this mean?  This meant that there was a level of lead that was considered safe for organic chocolate.  Organic chocolate!

Since then I have done a lot of reading and a lot of research and reconsideration of what foods I give to my family.  We were already essentially eating all organic - but I have taken it to the next level - trying to police all of the other possible toxins out of our pantry.  This is difficult and I don’t always succeed  - and the kids are still fed toxic stuff at friends houses and school - but I can (at least) draw the line at the door to my house.... as with all other elements of this issue.

I will write more about this subject here later (especially about the concern that “sustainably harvested”  “locally grown” and all of those other good labels don’t always mean “lead-free” and can actually mean the opposite if food is being grown and processed on organic farms in third-world countries, where the soil is certified organic, but no one is bothering to check out the outdated processing equipment which more likely than not contains lead components that touch your food!). In the meantime I wanted to make sure to put a few thoughts on this page.

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