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I wrote this in response to your article on truthout today:

While many think the Romans were poisoned by lead pipes - they were more likely poisoned by lead that they added to their wine.  They added a powdered form of lead directly to their principal beverage to preserve and sweeten it.  This was most likely the downfall of the Roman Empire, direct intentional consumption of a lethal brain damaging poison... We can compare the current situation to the demise of the Roman Empire but let's make the analogy clear - GM consumed their own poison by trying to make profits sweeter... The irony (and the analogy) can be extended if we draw in the initiative to add lead to gasoline which went on to poison the air and soil of our entire country...  The automobile companies were the direct cause of this poisoning.  Given all that GM (and all the others) have done to cause the healthcare crisis we are facing today (lead in our environment is one of the primary causes of so many physical and mental health issues - and therefore the automobile companies are directly responsible for the the huge burden on our medical, educational and penitentiary systems as a result of  ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum-like symptoms, infertility and reproductive disorders, violence and criminal behavior caused by lead poisoning - just to name a few related concerns)  we have all the more reason to demand that the current administration balance out this crisis by generating green solutions (green transit/ green jobs/ green housing.)  Please Michael - consider looking at my website and reading our story (the tip of another iceberg that could open the eyes of Americans (including the Obamas) in a whole new way.)  Tamara Rubin - Portland, Oregon

Tamara Rubin

Portland, Oregon

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(house in Foreclosure and no health insurance because my boys were poisoned by the work of a painting contractor... doing everything I can to try to change the laws!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 - Lead Poisoning, The Romans, GM and Michael Moore

This subject deserves at least a few pages/ sub-topics... but since I am so strapped for time these days I am going to start with the basics and post more later. Last night (late! - after 11:00) my husband showed me an article Michael Moore had written that was on the website. Here’s a link to Michael’s site and Truthout. The article mentioned Roman lead poisoning, so both Len and I saw an opportunity to respond. I wrote this (below) very late at night - with no editing from Len - and posted it as a response to the article on Truthout... and they published my post! (yippie... I was not sure how discriminating they are about what responses they allow/ how many responses they allow. Here’s a link to the article (scroll down to see my post if you want) - It’s excellent writing  - as one would expect from Michael Moore...I have put my post here as well ... I also e-mailed it to Michael Moore directly - as I would LOVE for him to get involved with the cause (possibly as the subject of his next documentary?) and maybe even write or contribute to the foreword for my book... (please, Michael?)

In putting together the note I did some online fact checking and found a few references to the “powdered” lead (lead acetate) that I refer to below - and will be posting a whole page shortly with links to information about Romans and lead poisoning: the myths, mysteries and facts

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