The Consumer Products Safety Commission Improvement Act (“CPSCIA”) is the main piece of legislation right now. It just went into effect (in March of 2009!) and regulates ANY products (imported to or manufactured in the United States) intended for use by children 12 or under. 

Many small manufacturers and small retailers are frustrated by this new legislation and have complained that they felt the restrictions were unfair as they were requiring the same level of testing and certification of products for small manufacturers as for large ones.

From a parent’s perspective, a safe toy is a safe toy – it does not matter who makes it. A small manufacturer should not have the right to manufacture an unsafe child’s item just because they cannot afford 3rd party testing or certification that the product is safe. 

There are many other was to address this concern and certain last - minute changes (accommodations) to the CPSCIA have effectively created a “grace period” for one year to give time for the small manufacturers to figure out how they will comply with the new standards. I will post links to some of the conversations with suggested changes to the CPSCIA here soon.

More on this later - in the meantime - here is a link to the CPSC - where you can read about it and learn about it on your own/ come up with your own opinions. This page also has information about recalls and other items of concerns for parents/ daycare providers/ and consumers in general.

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